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Which RV type is right for me?

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  • Generally less expensive than motorhomes

  • Offer more flexibility and versatility in terms of where you can camp

  • May have less living space and amenities than other types of RVs

Varies depending on the specific type of towable RV

Fifth Wheel

  • Generally larger and more spacious than travel trailers

  • Often have more amenities and features, such as multiple levels or slide-outs

  • Tend to be more stable and easier to tow than travel trailers

Moderate to difficult, may require more experience due to the increased size and weight

Pop-Up Camper

  • Lightweight and easy to tow

  • Generally less expensive than other types of RVs

  • Offers good ventilation and protection from the elements

Easy to moderate, depending on the size and weight

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Class C Motorhome

  • an offer the indulgent amenities of a Class A at a lower price

  • Vary in size

  • The bigger the RV, the lower the gas mileage

Comfortable driving a truck

Class A Motorhome

  • Can be decked out with full-size amenities (such as an oven or bed)

  • Typically the most high-end and luxurious

Comfortable driving a bus

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